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VisualScopy HD Features
  • User friendly interface.
  • Saves information about patient & doctor.
  • Recording of video & editing of images.
  • Image editing & video editing.
  • Multiple attractive report layouts.
  • Creation of custom report formats.
  • Supports MPEG-4, DivX, XVid & MJPEG video compressor.
System Requirements
1. CPU Speed 2.0 Ghz or Higher Processor.
2. Minimum 2 GB RAM.
3. Windows Win 7/Win 8/Win 10.
4. Dotnet Framework 4.0.
5. DirectX 9 or later.
6. Audio & Video Drivers.
7. Two Free USB port.

For HD capture Card
1. CPU Speed 3.0 Ghz or Higher Processor.
2. Minimum 4 GB RAM.
3. Win 7/Win 8.
4. DirectX 10 or later.
5. Audio & Video Drivers.
6. Two Free USB port.
7. Graphics Card

Software Features
  • User interface
    • VisualScopy HD has easy user interface.

  • Store/Retrieve Patient Information
    • Store/Retrieve patient information (ID, name, Visit date, doctor, comments, contact info, diagnosis).
    • Advanced patient search.
    • Delete selected data with password protection.

  • Image Capture
    • Automatic image capture using Endoscopy freeze button.
    • Capture image as JPEG file.
    • Thumbnail numbering for easy image access.
    • Capture image during preview, recording or playback.
    • Store/Retrieve images for later use.
    • Import images from other location.
    • Foot pedal support for image capture.
    • Saves printer cartridge and cuts cost.
    • Print of only cropped area of the image.

  • Image Editing
    • Marking on image.(Rectangle, Line, Circle, Arrow).
    • Colour Adjustment (brightness, contrast, hue, saturation etc.).
    • Writing text on image.
    • Crop image.
    • Image Masking.

  • Video Capture
    • Video recording – start/pause/resume/stop functionality.
      • AVI/MP4/WMV9 recording.
      • Compression of audio and video streams, "on-the-fly" or after recording, using standard audio/video codecs like H.264, MPEG, DivX, OpenDivX, XVid...
      • Pause/resume during recording as required.
      • Zooming, cropping and record.
    • Video Player
      • Plays recorded video clips: WMV, AVI, ASF, MPG, MP4, etc...
      • Track bar control.
      • Playback at any speed, forward or backward.
      • Fast seeking, forward or backward.
    • Video Processing
      • Text, image and graphics overlay.
      • Brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, Sharpness controls.
      • Zooming and cropping.
      • Deinterlacing to avoid jagged video.
    • Video Capture Device Control Settings
      • Video size.
      • Frame rate.
      • Video input.
      • Analog video standard (NTSC/PAL/SECAM).
      • Frame count of delivered and dropped frames.

  • Audio Capture
    • Capture audio from selected audio device.
    • Capture audio to Wave, WMA, and MP3 file format.
    • Capture audio from selected audio input pin. for example, Line In , Microphone, Video, CD Audio.
    • Adjust volume level for mixer line.

  • Video Live Network Streaming
    • Video streaming, directly to the internet, from the platform running VisualScopy HD.
    • Indirectly through a publishing point on a Windows Media Server, authentication supported.
    • One or more person in the network or in the internet can watch your operation or action.

  • Report Generation
    • Customised reports. Many standard templates (Gastro, Lapro, ENT, Broncho...) available.
    • Auto fill image comments and field values.
    • Save reports in PDF format and print latter.
    • Multiple attractive report layouts.

  • Burn Selected Images/Videos to CD/DVD

  • Video editing i.e. cutting and merging of video clips.

  • Copy to Pen drive/Email/FTP
    • Copy image data, reports to selected Pen Drive.
    • Send patient report, image data via SMTP Email.